The "GemDog" as it appears, holding a Gem.

Ringing the Bell to bring your cat home instantly has a small chance of attracting the mysterious "GemDog", a pudgy brown dog which appears in your room in place of your cat and presents you with a Gem, as well as an item, or bag of Coins.

If the cat you sent out was wearing any accessories, the GemDog appears wearing the same accessories that were on the cat that was sent out.

The GemDog is benevolent and can be fed and petted just like the cats when it is in your room. You can dismiss the GemDog and return your original KleptoCat by selecting it from the Cat-alog again.


  • In certain Cat and Item descriptions, a dog is occasionally mentioned, and it is hinted that this refers to the GemDog, the only dog character that appears in the game. In Room 1, your cats bring back a dog collar and a bone, and the KleptoCat known as Rouge is said to enjoy eating "the dog's food" in its description.
  • It seems that the only way to attract the GemDog is to ring the Bell. This is likely a reference to the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov's classical conditioning experiments with dogs, in which he would ring a bell and then present his dogs with food in order to condition his dogs to learn to associate the sound of the bell with food.